Pahawang Island, a Little Paradise in Southern Lampung


So I visited Pahawang Island just earlier this year, on February. I find this island interesting because it’s just little bit outside Java, not too far but just enough for short weekend vacation.

Location on maps

I went there with my good friend, Viva bcs we’re dying for vacation, hahaha. Actually its a wonderful experience to visit Sumatera Island for the first time, eventho it just a small little island on the south.

I love being at the beach. The atmosphere makes me relax. Just watching the waves, blue sky, sunset, fish swimming, really bring me peace. Funny part of it, I can’t swim and I really afraid of drowning, yet I really enjoy snorkeling. Especially when I fed the beautiful cute little fish and they swam around me. Maybe if I have more courage I’ll enjoy diving as well.

Well, this place is beautiful. There’s lot of beautiful clean beaches and good snorkeling spot. We go around to few island nearby and all of it is awesome. Here’s some photos taken by me or another person in my group.

Ketapang port in the morning
Front entry of the Island
Little piece of paradise
Feeding the little beautiful creature
My friend Viva tryin to touch the bottom of the sea
Mangroove plants
The tour group


Solo/Group/Open Trip? 

I joined an open trip by  Kemala Lagi travel agent.

Trip price Rp425.000

Including all transportation from Merak harbour-Pahawang return, accomodation, food, snorkeling equippment.



From Jakarta/Bekasi/Surrounding Jakarta take bus to Merak Harbour. It may takes 3-4hours  in a normal situation. Bus Ticket Price Rp30.000 from Bekasi Bus Terminal.

I dont really feel comfortable in the bus because of numerous street musician keep asking for money. In the middle of the trip, the bus driver ask us to move into another bus. Very uncomfortable.

Upon arrival in Merak Harbour, we meet the travel agent to go across the Sunda Strait to the Bakauheni Harbour. The ships take off around 11pm and it takes 2 hours ride.

Boat Ticket Price Rp15.000. You will be placed at economy class, there’s no seat number, first come get the seat. Full of cigarette smokes and noisy merchant offering their goods.

Additional Rp10.000 if you want to upgrade to executive lounge with air conditioner and proper seat (highly recommended!)

Arrived early morning at Bakauheni Harbour and picked up by rented car to go to Ketapang port. It takes approx 3 hours drive. From Ketapang port we took rented small wooden boat just for our group and go straight to Pahawang Island. Approx 2-3hours of sailing.


The travel covers for place and daily food. But its not in a cottage/villa/hotel, just a house of locals rented for guest (homestay).

I dont have picture of it, but I can explain. Its simply a house with several rooms. Each room is for 4-5 person and equipped with fan. There’s two common bathrooms just at the back of the house. The house is just 1 minute away from the beach.

I can’t say its really comfortable but it’s worth the price.



Maybe. Too much paradise in Indonesia that I really want to visit each of it. Too much places, too little money.


Tips from me!

  • Dont forget to bring action camera/waterproof camera/waterproof case along with the selfie stick. I didnt take much pic because I dont have those things (except selfie stick) so I avoid taking pictures in the water and asking for another people to take me a pic using their action camera.
  • If you need to reach someone, please do it before arriving to the island bcs its hard to find cellphone signal (must go to the beach)
  • Sunglasses or hat is a must!

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