Rimmel Provocalips: Wish Upon A Berry


As I rethink the purpose of my blog, I receive this lipcolour that I ordered last week. So the idea just come up, why not write a post about this? 😉

So here goes my first cosmetic review…

Lately I’ve been looking for lip colour that lasts and dont need much retouch. I searched on the internet and end up buying this Rimmel Provocalips. What’s really got me that it says it can last for 16hr and kissproof.

For my first Rimmel Provocalips, I choose Wish Upon A Berry shade. I pick this shade because I really love soft pink for my daily looks. I dont really have red lipstick, and shocking pink is the last shade I expected from a lipcolor. I find this color really easy to fall in love into.


Wish Upon A Berry

This lipcolor require two steps to go:

  1. Intens Colour
  2. Lock & Shine
Step 1: Intense Colour

In this step you will put on the gorgeous colour to your lips. It have a soft brush to help you apply the lipcolor. Your lips may feel sticky after this.

Step 2: Lock & Shine

After applying the color, finish it by applying this transparant coat to perfect your looks. This makes your lips feel better, no more sticky lips. This coat give shiny effect to your lips. Now you’re ready to go!

Full looks

I personally loves this lipcolor. Its light, smells nice, and last long! I give it a test by eating Bakso and Es Campur but it dont fade. Still perfect!



I got it for Rp99.000. Its usually around Rp100.000, depends on the store.

Where to buy?

I bought it on online shop


Yes! I’d like to try another shade.


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